Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When rain outs go well

We'd planned an outdoor session with Nikki tonight, but the weather just didn't cooperate. No problem when you are getting two sessions to simply swap the studio session for the outdoor session, which is what we did tonight. And what a session it was.

It is quite normal for seniors to be a little uncertain about what to expect during their session; few of them have spent any real time in front of the camera. Nikki was a little nervous when we began the session. This is no big deal; we put on some of her music, and started shooting. Before long those initial jitters gave way to play, and gesture, and enjoyment. And our already lengthy session could have continued indefinitely; she was that comfortable.

We love a fun session like this. She came prepared with things that mean something to her- her books, guitar, shoes, soccer ball, etc. This makes for a more enjoyable session for everybody. Follow Nikki's lead: book a session, bring plenty of clothes and props, embrace the experience.

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