Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rachel joins us outside

Rachel joined us tonight for an urban safari session. We had ourselves a good old time with Rachel, her boyfriend Tyler, and her mom in tow. We covered some ground today and got a bunch of stuff. There is lots of variety to be had within a reasonable walk of the studio.

Rachel and Tyler

Model for a day!

The sky is the limit

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The lovely Meredith

Tonight we had the distinct pleasure of photographing the lovely Meredith. A senior at Nashua High North, she is amazingly sweet and easy going and could not have been more pleasant to photograph. We had a cloudless sky this evening, which closed some avenues but opened others. Meredith wanted different. "No hand on the tree!" No problem!

Beach & Browns

Scooted out of work early today to bring the girls to the beach so we could capture an image to be used on mom's next pocketbook. The girls were into it and we had an absolute blast. They were game to stick around long after Betsy was freezing and ready to head to dinner.

After the shoot we went to Browns where we filled ourselves with lobster (I am still full 4 hours later). What a great day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

An evening with Marybeth and Family

Sometimes you can have your family portrait taken any old time, sometimes timing is an issue. Today's family is an example of the latter category, as they have a son who is preparing to ship off to Afghanistan. Despite the dire predictions, the weather cooperated quite well, and we had a nice session.

On behalf of all of us, thank you Joe, for serving your country and doing your part to keep us free.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Becky comes to the studio

No dresses this time, darn it! Apparently she does not have an endless supply, and after our trash the dress session on Sunday she decided not to risk. Hahaha.

Anyway, what a fun way to spend Friday afternoon! Becky is a hoot. We had quite a good time this afternoon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chloe and Ruby

We were recently graced with a visit to the studio with the granddaughters. Our newborn member of the family, Chloé, and her sister Ruby came for a session with their mom and dad. They are so cute, I'm sure you will agree.

Ruby is right at home in the land of the flashing lights, but it will be a bit of an adjustment for Chloé, who's just getting used to the world of light. The little cherubs were a special treat for grandma and grandpa, who were on their 3rd session of the day and thrilled to get cooperation.

Dad cradling le bébé.

A father's love.

Mom's precious darling.

Big sis hamming it up.

Ruby says "this is the best game ever!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NikkiG returns! Or how dare they turn off the waterfall?!!!

How do you like to have a plan to do a certain thing, only to have fate giggling behind your back about it? I wanted to get Nikki in front of the waterfall tonight, but when we got there, no water! With all of the rain we've had, who would have guessed? We had a blast anyway, although the wind threatened to blow us away...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Megan is in the house!

There being no rest for the wicked, we were greeted upon our return from the beach by Megan, eager for her studio session and sporting dazzling dentition. She's as cute as a button as you can plainly see, and we had a nice session with her. Unlike some of the previous young ladies, Megan seemed perfectly at home from the minute she went in front of the camera. Perhaps it's her theatrical background.

Pretty, pretty.

Love those shoes!

Reacting to Mark's direction or "Be serious, this one's for mom." ;)

Classic elegance

Crack of Dawn

"We wanna do a beach shoot," they said. "You realize we have to BE there when the sun comes up, right?" "No problem!" And that's how the beach session came to be.

These ladies wanted something different for their senior portraits, something not everyone else will have. Well, I think they accomplished this! And had great fun in the process. They were troopers, up for anything and everything. We had a blast.


Morgan strikes a pose

are we really going in there?

"Is it cold, Becky?" "Um, yes!"

we're cool

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not just a portrait shop

Occasionally we get gigs that are not your typical portrait job. This latest one was pretty interesting for me, as it relates to my engineering background. We had event coverage for an analyst briefing for Ericsson. I feel fortunate that it was this sort of thing rather than some company that makes valves or widgets or something, because I could follow along and see what the story was and how they are positioning the company, etc. Really quite interesting.

Anyway, the gig was to photograph some social candids at the reception, then return the next day and cover the presentations, etc. It was fun. They have an interesting take on the future of communications, media, and content delivery. I'm not drinking all the kool aid, but I think they have a LOT of it right.

This is Nina. I didn't make her do anything. :)

This is Johan. My goodness, what a great looking guy he was. Really striking features. I could have had some fun with him in the studio.

Magnus on marketing. We had a great chat at lunch.

Haikan, the CTO. He was sharp, I'll tell you that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When rain outs go well

We'd planned an outdoor session with Nikki tonight, but the weather just didn't cooperate. No problem when you are getting two sessions to simply swap the studio session for the outdoor session, which is what we did tonight. And what a session it was.

It is quite normal for seniors to be a little uncertain about what to expect during their session; few of them have spent any real time in front of the camera. Nikki was a little nervous when we began the session. This is no big deal; we put on some of her music, and started shooting. Before long those initial jitters gave way to play, and gesture, and enjoyment. And our already lengthy session could have continued indefinitely; she was that comfortable.

We love a fun session like this. She came prepared with things that mean something to her- her books, guitar, shoes, soccer ball, etc. This makes for a more enjoyable session for everybody. Follow Nikki's lead: book a session, bring plenty of clothes and props, embrace the experience.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Chloe Marie 8/8/08!

Announcing the arrival of the newest member of our family, Chloe Marie! Chloe arrived at 12:35 this morning, much to the relief of mom and dad. She's perfect! She weighed a whopping 9lbs 3oz, and was 21.5 inches long. We are all delighted she saw fit to arrive exactly on her due date. Yours truly got to hold her this morning, and let me tell you, she is precious!

Chloe Marie

Chloe and mom

Getting the once over by the pediatrician

a kiss from big sis!

With auntie Nikki