Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ruby and Chloe return!

Ruby and Chloe came into the studio for some Easter pictures and Chloe's 6 month session. They were darlings! We had a real good time, and Chloe will have a nice baby parts composite like her big sister. Chloe is adorable, as you can see, and Ruby is a charmer. Check the windows, you will see them soooooon!

Now Chloe has her own "kissables" composite, just like big sister!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chamber Action

As part of our work with the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, we needed to create some images of the Chamber staff in action, doing the sorts of things that they do in the course of doing their jobs. The last one to do was Marga, the director of communications. The concept? Marga at the local radio station, where she will be doing live programming for the Chamber. Marga has a history working for radio stations, and is quite at home in the studio.

There was only one wrinkle. The studio was broadcasting when we could do the shot, so we would only have a minute when they went to commercial to do the shot. We had time to spare. :) Here is what we ended up with:

Marga at the console

"So this is what a radio station looks like"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aidan, Reagan and Brooke

Aidan, Reagan and Brooke finished up our studio sessions today. What an energetic bunch! They certainly kept us hopping. But they sure were a lot of fun.

The Return of 'Xander

Alexander returned to the studio today. My, how he's grown! This time he brought mom and dad. Such a happy child. He is always a joy in the studio.

Nat and Cam

This morning bright and early Natalie and Camden visited the studio. Natalie was a doll, and Camden took his time warming up. But we had a good time. Here are a few from our session.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

While I was away

We got an email looking for a headshot on short notice. We are nothing if not accommodating.

I just got back from another speaking engagement, this time in Maryland. More to follow on that. But we were contacted by someone needing a headshot for Monday. No problem!

Here is what we came up with:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fun with the Nashua Chamber

The board of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce came by today for some new headshots and a group shot or two. The goal: something a little less staid and reserved, yet something which would not alienate the um, old guard. And yet it needed to be hip enough to appeal to the younger crowd. Is there anything else you'd like? Like a perpetual motion machine? hahaha

Anyway, we had a blast as per usual, and came up with some fun stuff.

We always start with a serious shot. ;)