Monday, July 6, 2015

4th Annual Beach Portrait Special!

One of the most popular summer sessions we have is the beach session. Whether you are a high school senior, a family, or couple, we have sessions that will be enjoyable and fun, and provide you with some beautiful wall art! We've already been this year, and this is what we created:

Beach sessions are a substantial time commitment for us. We need to pack up all our stuff, drive for an hour+, do the session, repack all of our equipment and make the drive back to the studio. For this reason, we charge a little more for beach sessions than for your standard "on location" sort of session. Except during the one week each year when we head up to the beach for the week, and do sessions at a discount. Because we spend the week at the beach, we reduce our time commitment for any one session, and are happy to reflect this savings in the form of a lower session fee for our clients. This is the week to book your session if you want to save a little $!

This year's Beach Portrait Special will run from Sunday, August 2nd to Saturday August 8th. Yes, we will continue to offer beach sessions on other days at the regular price, but to obtain the special price you need to book a session within those dates.

We only shoot during the best times of day for lighting, which include first thing in the morning and late afternoon/evening. There are only so many sessions available, so it is important that you book your session while there are still slots available. Don't wait, or you'll have to pay full price! Call today and tell us you want the beach portrait special, and we'll get you in the schedule.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Graduation Photos

For the class of 2015, senior year has come and gone. Graduation is mostly memories and a few thank yous left to write. And college is only weeks away. If you came to Studio Mark Emile for your senior portraits last summer or fall, there is one thing left to do: swing by the Studio with your cap and gown for one good graduation photo. It's included in the package your parents purchased. It's super quick and easy. Call to secure your appointment, and you will be in and out in 5 minutes. And you'll have a nice 5x7 of yourself that looks like these. Something worth having. It's a small part of how we add value at Studio Mark Emile.

If, perchance, you did NOT come to Studio Mark Emile for your senior portraits, you can STILL have a nice graduation photo. Call the Studio at 603 886-0957 and we'll set you right up!