Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Speaking in Harrisburg

I gave my Lightroom program to a group of Certified Professional Photographers in Harrisburg, PA a week ago. It went really well! Here are a few shots of the program.

And some early feedback:

The Lightroom seminar was very useful, even though we've already been
using Lightroom for the past year. He gave some tips that are
already helping us every day.

Thank you,
Craig Carl
Carl Photography

I really learned a lot today ….thanks for taking the time to share with us…..would love a followup class in version 2 when it’s available and you have the time.

Thanks again,

Gary Day

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Potentially very exciting news!

We have been looking for studio space for many months, and we have finally identified a place with a lot of potential, that we are really excited about. It's too early to tell, but we may have a retail space for Studio Mark Emile. We are only in the early stages of negotiation, but stay tuned for additional developments on this front!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Caroline!

Introducing the latest spokesmodel for Studio Mark Emile: the lovely Caroline! Caroline hails from Alvirne, so you juniors who are looking to get your senior portraits done should talk to her about her senior portraits. She will have special referral cards to give out which will entitle the bearer to $25 off any senior portrait collection at Studio Mark Emile. Caroline also gets studio credit for every referral who books and completes a session with us, so ask Caroline to see her portfolio so you can see our work. And make sure you get a referral card from her.

And while we are on the subject, Studio Mark Emile is looking for more studio spokesmodels. Are you outgoing? Interested in getting some rockin' senior portraits done? Apply to be a studio spokesmodel! We will select one or two candidates from area schools. Email Mark for details!