Monday, October 31, 2011

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

The Nashua Chamber of Commerce hosted Texas congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul on Friday as part of the Backstage Pass breakfast series. Dr Paul, who brings with him an impressive resume- former US Air Force flight surgeon, congressman, physician and author, spoke to the crowd the day after the first of the region's two unusual October snowstorms.

Sponsored by Citizens Bank, the Backstage Pass series provides access to experts on various issues relevant to local businesses. To that end, the series will include top republican presidential hopefuls over the next few months. Paul is the first such candidate.

Attendees had an opportunity to meet the congressman, to listen to his prepared remarks, and to engage the candidate during a Q&A session. Studio Mark Emile is happy to be asked to provide event coverage for the Chamber.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ladies Night on the Town Makeovers

Two lucky ladies won makeovers as part of the Nashua Telegraph's event "Ladies Night on the Town." Studio Mark Emile was happy to be a sponsor of this event and to provide "before and after" portraits of the winners.

The ladies came to the studio for their "before" images last week. We did very basic snapshots of them as they were, and printed them large, so everyone could see how they were before the makeovers. Here they are:

Emily Myott

 Julie Doyle

After the "before" pictures, they went to LunaChics in Exeter for a fashion consult and to get a new outfit. And yesterday, they were each treated to a new hairtstyle, complete with color and cut, at Salon Belle Vie. After that, they arrived at the studio for a celebrity-style makeup session with renowned makeup artist Kriss Soterion, and to have their "after" portraits made.

It was difficult to get the images captured, retouched, printed, mounted and framed, but we managed to do so in plenty of time for the big reveal. We were quite pleased with how the portraits came out, and the ladies were too! Even they didn't see them until the reveal, so it was a lot of fun for us to get their reactions.

For you ladies who are reading this: THIS COULD BE YOU! If you are identifying a little too much with the before pictures, we can help transform you, too.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nashua Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner

Studio Mark Emile is happy to have been a sponsor of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner. This year we were thrilled that our good friend Sy Mahfuz was selected as the Citizen of the Year. Sy is a great guy, and especially deserving of this honor. Just to tell you what kind of guy he is, we approached Sy for some financial support for our Faces of Nashua exhibit, and also to see if he was interested in being a subject for the exhibit. He immediately agreed to help fund the exhibit, but was a little less sanguine about being part of it at first. After we described the concept, he readily agreed, and totally got into it, as anyone who has seen the photograph can attest. It is just this sort of support that Sy provides that attests to his character.

 This year's theme at the Annual Dinner was Monopoly, and the Chamber staff did a fine job of pulling off this event. In addition to our photo booth at the Jail, there was a Nashuaopoly game going on, as well as the Free Parking lounge, featuring a jazz quartet.

Alderman at Large Lori Wilshire was the big winner of the Nashuaopoly game, bringing home first prize.

Lots of people had fun being photographed in Jail.

If you want to purchase prints, or simply see all of the photos, the link is:

Select the Chamber Annual Dinner event, and the event code is monopoly.