Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful Baby Contest!

St Joseph Hospital  in conjunction with Studio Mark Emile held the first annual Beautiful Baby Contest on Saturday at the Childbirth Center in the hospital. We had a great turnout! So many wonderful infants and toddlers. It is going to be hard to pick the winners.

Our expert baby wranglers, Betsy Levesque and Denise Davis, worked together with Sheila Caron from the hospital to keep everything running smoothly. All in all it was a very successful event.

Here's a sampling of the images we created during the mini-sessions:

Note: This is a SAMPLING only. These are NOT the winners. The winners have not been selected. The winners will be announced on April 16th. Good luck to all who entered.

When all of the images have been uploaded, this page will be updated and a link will be provided to the galleries, should the families wish to purchase prints.

UPDATE: The galleries are live!  The passcode is your child's full name, all in lower case, with no spaces or punctuation.

example: if your child's name is Michael Wolinski you will enter michaelwolinski

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing Cory

Class of 2013, guess what- it's just about time to start thinking about where you want to go for your senior portraits! Whether you have an open school (yearbook photos can come from any photographer) or a closed school (yearbook pictures MUST come from the contract photographer), you STILL get to decide who will be your senior portrait photographer. That's a good thing!

Cory will be a senior at Nashua High South next year, and is the first member of the Studio Mark Emile spokesmodel team! If you go to South, you definitely want to hit up Cory for one of his bookmarks. They are worth $50 towards your senior portrait package at Studio Mark Emile!

Why choose us? First off, there's the Studio Mark Emile EXPERIENCE. Whether you prefer a studio session or a location session, you will feel like a rock star! We capture your personality. We involve you in the creative process, because we love DIFFERENT. It's all about you. Who you are. Who you want to be. Creating memories for you and your family to enjoy for generations.

Cory was scheduled for a studio session, because, honestly, New Hampshire in March is not supposed to have this kind of weather. And we did indeed start in the studio. But who would be dumb enough to ignore this incredibly great weather? Not us!

Enjoy these photographs of Cory. And remember, it is not too late to become a member of the Spokesmodel Team.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Commercial Work

One of the things that keeps us busy at the studio after the holidays but before spring is commercial work. Our studio is transformed from portrait central to a product set, and often looks quite dark from the street as we quench every bit of stray light.

Product photography is time consuming and exacting, but if you want to show off your products to best advantage, it's necessary. Whether you are a multinational corporation or an artisan, your work needs to be photographed by a professional for it to look its best. This is how you get details that are clear, colors that are accurate, and lighting that is appropriate to the subject. If your products are not worth investing in professional photography, why should your clients invest in your products?