Thursday, May 19, 2011

Juniors: It's Your Turn!

Are you currently a high school junior? Then it's your turn for senior portraits! Senior portraits are taken between the end of your junior year and the beginning of your senior year in order to meet yearbook deadlines. So the time is now to start thinking about your senior portraits.

Keys to Success

Proper planning makes all the differences in the end result. We do our part, but you have to do yours as well. The reason you come to Studio Mark Emile is because we provide you with an unparalleled senior portrait experience. But your participation and cooperation is crucial in creating the most amazing senior portraits.


There is no substitute for imagination. If you are like most seniors, you haven't really thought too much about what you want for senior portraits, or even where to go to get them. You probably don't even know where to start. First, start thinking about whether you want a location session, a studio session, or both. If you want a location session, think about places that are meaningful to you. We are adept at creating on the fly, but we do need to decide on a starting point.

Clothing and Props

We recommend filling a laundry basket with all your favorite clothes. Definitely bring a variety of clothing, from casual to dressier (like a dress or suit). If you aren't a dressy person, at least bring a couple of collared shirts in solid colors. You want to avoid busy patterns or garish logos if at all possible. Your yearbook picture will have to be a head and shoulders pose, with no props or hats, but that is only ONE image out of your whole package. Feel free to bring sports equipment & uniforms, instruments, or anything else that represents who you are. Whether you are a dancer, a bookworm, a jock, or even if you just do pottery, bring the things that tell your story.

Personal Grooming

Now is not the time to go getting a new perm or trying a new hair color. If you are going to need your hair to be trimmed prior to your session, try to make it a week or two before your session so the look is softer and more natural. Guys- clean up your facial hair the day of your session. The camera will capture everything, and we don't have an electronic razor for you in Photoshop. Ladies, if you pluck your eyebrows, make sure it's done for your session, and if you paint your nails, make sure they are either nicely painted or not at all. Chipped nail polish does not help you look your best.

And feel free to bring a buddy. There's no extra charge for buddy shots- whether they are your boyfriend, cousin, niece, sister or just a friend.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trump Visits Nashua Chamber Expo

The Nashua Chamber scores another major coup as another potential presidential contender visits Nashua for a special luncheon & speech in conjunction with the Nashua Chamber's Business Expo. Donald J Trump, the real estate magnate and international celebrity, visited the Granite State yesterday, as a guest of our very own Chamber of Commerce. Chris Williams, the president of the Chamber, was excited to have landed such a high visibility speaker for this event. The 500 seat event sold out in a record 5 hours, and many were left wanting tickets.

The Donald swept into town aboard his chopper, and made his way to the Radisson Hotel among a fleet of black SUV limos. The media scrum was significant and a real impediment to getting good images of Mr. Trump. Fortunately we were allowed special access due to our relationship with the Chamber as its official photographers, so places that were off-limits to the media were made available to us.

Our youngest daughter was able to attend the event, and was thrilled when we were able to get a picture of her with Mr Trump. Lots and lots of others also wanted their pictures taken with The Donald, and we accommodated as many as we could. Mr Trump was surprisingly gracious in this regard.

The Donald recognizes Mayor Lozeau

The Chamber staff with Mr Trump

"Tokyo Joe" challenges Trump to break a board; he is waved off.

Andy and Kasey from Search Pro Systems managed to get their shot as Trump was being ushered out of the expo by his handlers. Lucky them!

A complete gallery of images is available on the Studio Mark Emile Facebook page.

These copyrighted images may be shared on social media provided they remain unaltered. They may NOT be printed. For those interested, we have prints of the images available for the bargain basement prices of $20 for a 5x7, or $30 for an 8x10. Of course we will remove the watermarks from the prints. If you would like a low-resolution unwatermarked file to use on your website, that is also a bargain at only $20.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mitt Romney Roundtable

Mitt Romney was in Nashua today for a roundtable discussion with a number of young business owners and entrepreneurs. Yours truly were on hand to cover the event for the Nashua Chamber of Commerce.

Reporters, photographers and videographers came out of the woodwork when Romney arrived, and it was clear this was an event that would make news on a national scale. Romney's opening remarks referred to the recent elimination of bin Laden as the most wanted terrorist alive. He praised the President and the military for bringing bin Laden to justice, wisely sidestepping the partisan rhetoric some in Washington seem all too quick to return to following the momentous announcement two days ago.

The business leaders with whom Romney met cited regulatory issues, capital issues, and the rising cost of fuel as impediments to business, and hence, the expansion of the economy.

Cort Mendes of Five Guys Burgers and Fries offers his perspective on the impact of rising fuel costs on his business.

Chris Williams (left), president of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, and Romney listen with rapt attention to the challenges facing local businessmen.

The full gallery: Mitt Romney Roundtable Gallery on SME Facebook page