Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mitt Romney Roundtable

Mitt Romney was in Nashua today for a roundtable discussion with a number of young business owners and entrepreneurs. Yours truly were on hand to cover the event for the Nashua Chamber of Commerce.

Reporters, photographers and videographers came out of the woodwork when Romney arrived, and it was clear this was an event that would make news on a national scale. Romney's opening remarks referred to the recent elimination of bin Laden as the most wanted terrorist alive. He praised the President and the military for bringing bin Laden to justice, wisely sidestepping the partisan rhetoric some in Washington seem all too quick to return to following the momentous announcement two days ago.

The business leaders with whom Romney met cited regulatory issues, capital issues, and the rising cost of fuel as impediments to business, and hence, the expansion of the economy.

Cort Mendes of Five Guys Burgers and Fries offers his perspective on the impact of rising fuel costs on his business.

Chris Williams (left), president of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, and Romney listen with rapt attention to the challenges facing local businessmen.

The full gallery: Mitt Romney Roundtable Gallery on SME Facebook page

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