Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Expo Nashua is Coming!

Expo Nashua is coming on May 11th, at the Radisson off exit 1. It is bound to be hugely well attended this year, as it is being started by a Kick Off Luncheon with "The Donald", Donald Trump. The 500 tickets for the luncheon disappeared in record time, and there are lots of people wishing they'd been quicker on the trigger.

This is one case where being the official photographers for the Nashua Chamber comes in handy. We will be photographing the event, i.e. we get to "shoot" Donald Trump. As a celebrity and potential presidential candidate, Trump is bound to be an interesting subject. Additionally, after the luncheon, we will be manning our own booth at the expo, so definitely come by to become acquainted with our work if you aren't already.

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