Sunday, April 22, 2012

Senior Graduation Announcements & Invitations

For those of you in the class of 2012, graduation is fast approaching. It's time to make decisions about parties and such, and especially announcements. The school has sent your parents information about regular old plain announcements. These impersonal announcements are what they had, and everyone in your class that buys them will get exactly the same announcements except for the name. B-O-R-I-N-G. And they're not cheap!

What do you suppose happens to them? Well, they end up being held until your graduation gift or card has been sent, and then they hit the recycle bin.

We're here to offer you an alternative. How about custom designed cards, specifically for and about you? And they are completely customizable. Whether you want them to be graduation announcements, or graduation party invitations, we can customize them to be exactly what you want. We can even make little business card size cards for you to give all your friends, at a VERY attractive price. It's up to you.

What do you suppose happens to these cards? They end up on the front of refrigerators, more often than not. Where they stay for years. People don't throw them away. We often go to parties, and find cards on the refrigerators from clients from years ago. It's great to see your work being enjoyed for so long.

Call or email the studio for pricing, and to order yours. We have special pricing for a limited time (until May 15th).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Announcing the Baby Contest Winners!

After a grueling judging session, our panel of judges arrived at the winners of the Beautiful Baby Contest held in conjunction with St Joseph Hospital. We had nearly 30 entrants in the contest, and we had our work cut out for us as they were all cute babies. In the end, we went through several rounds of judging to get to the finalists, and from the finalists, we selected the following winners!

First Place: Ellianna

Elliana is adorable, and very sweet, and captured two first place votes and a second place vote to be named our winner. Elliana has won a full session from Studio Mark Emile, and an 11x14 print. Her mother has already scheduled her appointment!

Second Place: Sierra

Sierra is another gorgeous baby, and was another hit with the judges. Sierra has won a full session from Studio Mark Emile and an 8x10 print.

Third Place: Landon

Landon was the easiest baby to photograph! Such a pleasant disposition. And such a handsome young man! Our cup runneth over with good looking boys, and Landon was tops! Landon has won a $50 gift certificate to Target.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest this year.

The galleries will remain live until May 1st, so if you would like to purchase any images from the event, you need to do so by then. The post below contains the link and information to access the images.