Saturday, August 2, 2008

2008 Photographer of the Year

Ok, I guess Tyler has had his due. While I was photographing Tyler, the Professional Photographers of America's Print Exhibition Committee released the results of the 2008 International Print Competition. This competition featured in excess of 4500 entrants from across the globe. I am pleased to report that all four of my print entries were judged by a panel of distinguished photographers to be of merit quality, earning yours truly the distinction of being Photographer of the Year.

This is kind of a big deal. :)

Print competition elevates the level of a photographer's work by focusing on criteria like impact, lighting and storytelling. The 12 criteria of a merit print. Photographers may earn degrees from the PPA by accumulating print merits, and this latest performance has moved me forward in my goal to achieve the Master of Photography degree.

Rest assured that the techniques learned in preparing for print competition are used in my everyday work. I know my work has improved substantially since I first began entering print competitions a few years ago, and I expect the trend to continue. Call the studio to book a session and I'll put this ability to work for you.

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