Friday, August 15, 2008

Not just a portrait shop

Occasionally we get gigs that are not your typical portrait job. This latest one was pretty interesting for me, as it relates to my engineering background. We had event coverage for an analyst briefing for Ericsson. I feel fortunate that it was this sort of thing rather than some company that makes valves or widgets or something, because I could follow along and see what the story was and how they are positioning the company, etc. Really quite interesting.

Anyway, the gig was to photograph some social candids at the reception, then return the next day and cover the presentations, etc. It was fun. They have an interesting take on the future of communications, media, and content delivery. I'm not drinking all the kool aid, but I think they have a LOT of it right.

This is Nina. I didn't make her do anything. :)

This is Johan. My goodness, what a great looking guy he was. Really striking features. I could have had some fun with him in the studio.

Magnus on marketing. We had a great chat at lunch.

Haikan, the CTO. He was sharp, I'll tell you that.

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