Monday, June 30, 2008

Just about there

Ok, so in the days since I last posted, we've been awfully busy. Mostly in ways that do not lend themselves to interesting photographs, but which move the ball forward, to use a sports metaphor. We've been working at a feverish pace; I'm sure that Nashua Paint is going to have a separate line item on the taxes entitled "income from Studio Mark Emile." I jest, but just barely.

Here's a view of the studio proper towards the front of the studio taken over the weekend. Yes, lots of junk remains; we're working, dang it!

The bathroom in its new form. Believe me when I tell you it's 200% better.

Yes, we've started moving furniture and equipment in. Here's the front of the store:

Some thoughtful devil arranged for flowers to be delivered on our first day open. Um, well, at least he thought it would be our first day open last friday. Oopsie. Oh, they are sitting on our latest consignment store find. :D

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