Thursday, July 7, 2011

Location session with Sarah

While we do plenty of outdoor sessions downtown, we also are happy to take a jaunt to go on location. It is amazing what variety we have within a short drive from the studio. Last night, prior to the downpour, we did a location session in Merrimack, where our spokesmodel Sarah is from.

We had scouted this spot while looking for places to do a family session last week, but it proved to be a bit too much for the elders in the family to manage. Not a problem for Sarah, though! Sarah was a trooper, whether it came to clambering over slippery rocks or sitting within a hair's breadth of a spider web, she rocked it (no pun intended).

If you are thinking of doing a location session, give us a call. Whether you have the spot picked out, or just the concept, we can deliver. Here's a taste of an "outdoorsy" location session.

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