Monday, January 4, 2010

Studio Graffiti

Prior to last year's senior season, we got in touch with a graffiti artist who agreed to paint one of our interior walls. He is henceforward referred to as Mr No-Show. We got busy with senior season and really couldn't get around to finding anyone else for months. Then, last fall, our youngest told us about some friends of hers that "did graffiti".

They came into chat and show us their ideas, and we settled on some paints and such. We decided to give them a shot to play on a large canvas- our entire studio wall. They were practically giddy at the prospect. We finally got together yesterday for their day to play. Their "couple of hours" turned out to be a full day.

They had a blast. I have had enough Ironlak vapors to last me awhile. ;)

A blank canvas:

Making progress

The artists

The finished work

Thank you Shawn and Justin! We think it looks great.

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