Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh, what fun!

Santa came to the studio today for the first of his appearances, and we have a couple of the images that we created today to share. First up is Brennan, who is modeling our traditional look. Brennan is a cute little guy, but not too fond of the jolly old elf quite yet. Still, we had our share of laughs at his expense. :)

Next is Nina, who is showing our Rockwell style portraits with Santa. Observant followers of the blog will notice it is Nina's second appearance. A lovely young lady, who wants some Wii games for Christmas. What kind of games? "The fun ones, of course!" LOL

Santa returns to the studio on Nov 29th, from 10-4, the day after the Winter Holiday Stroll. Call the studio now to reserve your session at 886-0957.

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