Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Gift For Her Husband

Val called a few weeks ago, looking to do something special for her husband. Referred to us by Kelly over at Caribe Tan in Hudson, she wanted to do "something glamorous" even though she is not comfortable in front of the camera because her husband had complained that he has practically no pictures of her. We had her in for a consultation to design a session specifically tailored to her needs and wants, and by the time we were done she was actually looking forward to her session in the studio. but it was to be a surprise gift, so we had to keep this all under wraps.

Amanda Burgess came by to do makeup for her, and we had her session. The first item on the agenda was to replicate an image from one of our displays. That was accomplished in short order, so then we began to play a bit. By the time we ended our session in the camera room, she was so excited about what we had created and what she had experienced that she decided she could not wait for her premier, and there was no way she was going to be able to keep this a secret until his actual birthday in June. So she brought him to the premier! How fun! Here are a few of the images we created. We're glad we can finally blog them! :)

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