Thursday, September 11, 2008

Boy's toys

Greg is an interesting character whose mother insisted he get senior portraits taken. To describe him an unenthusiastic at the prospect would probably be generous, but he came along with mom to the senior portrait consultation anyway. An important part of the portrait consultation from our point of view is getting to know the senior. Turns out he likes to play football, and is a serious paintball enthusiast. When we told him we would be incorporating these aspects into his senior portraits, he suddenly became interested. :) We had fun.

It's really getting down to the wire for those of you seniors who will be needing yearbook photos. If you haven't called for a session yet, now is the time. We are also getting calls from people who hate their senior portraits. You are only a senior once; you really don't want to hate them. Give us a call; we'll take care of you.

The obligatory yearbook shot. Rules are rules, LOL.

The letterman cometh.

Just gimme the ball.

Paintball, anyone?

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