Monday, August 5, 2013

Masterchef, Pro4um Style

Fox has a show called Masterchef, which is a bit of a riff on Iron Chef, which is to say a "reality" show which purports to find the best chef in a challenge/game format. Well, a professional photographers forum to which I belong recently implemented its own version of the game, only it's photographers vying to be the top photog. Fun, right?

So Pro4um is an expensive and exclusive forum, for professionals only, and the level of talent there is remarkable. It's a great place for pros to learn from other pros. that's why I'm there.

The second round was a tough assignment: photograph a shoe, as if for a commercial/advertisement. Just one shoe, not a pair. Aside from that, it just had to look like a commercial shot. We had 24 hours to complete the assignment.

I grabbed several shoes from my wife and daughters and brought them into the studio, photographing each and making them into an "ad".

When the judges were done, mine was picked to be 2nd place (out of 25!) So I'm the captain of the blue team.

These are the shots I made.

This is my final entry:

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