Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Years on Main St- Help Us Celebrate!

We are rapidly approaching the 5th anniversary of our opening of our studio on Main St. We've seen other businesses come and go during this time. Some who'd been here for a long time, some who came and went in an instant. In the midst of the worst economy in a generation, we've made it. This is worth celebrating!

The Deal: $5 Sessions

 In honor of this momentous occasion, we are offering $5 studio sessions for the entire month of June. That's right, a full studio session for a sawbuck, a fiver, a Lincoln. You can't beat that!

How It Works:

When you book your session, you will pay the regular session fee, but you will get a $95 print credit towards your order. This makes a studio session only $5!

How much for a baby session? $5

How much for a senior session? $5

How much for a family session? $5

How much for a pet session? $5

That's right, only $5 gets you a full session for the entire month of June. Sessions must be held by July 15th. Call the studio TODAY!

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