Friday, May 18, 2012

Mogi'z Masquerade Hair Fashion Show

Mogi'z Salon put on a hair fashion show and masquerade ball at the Radisson recently, and Studio Mark Emile was happy to provide photography services for the event. Mogi'z outrageous hair styles were sported by an animated crew of models from Cinderella Modeling Agency. The concept was a real big city style event, and Mogi'z partner Julio certainly delivered that, augmenting the models with an opera singer, flamenco dancers, and a country/rock singer to provide an entertaining event.

Here are some of the models and their costumes.

Additional images of the models and their costumes are available on our Facebook page. Mogi'z Masquerade on the SME FB page

When we get our gallery set up for people who wish to purchase prints or files, we will post the information here.

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