Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Stroll

This year's Winter Holiday Stroll was fun to photograph. From my vantage point at the top of a downtown building, I had great views of the throng as it passed from City Hall down Main St and up to the Hunt Building. It was windy again this year, but thankfully not nearly as bad as last year.

After the tree was lit I joined in the festivities at street level, enjoying the various live acts that were around the downtown as well as stopping in to a few of my favorite downtown retailers. Just a quick note to mention that shopping downtown is good for your quality of life. Local merchants are not beholden to remote corporate offices, as are the mall stores. So we can offer unique items, not just the same old stuff. It is perhaps a bit ironic that I have only come to realize the bounty of what is available downtown since becoming a downtown merchant myself. Do yourself a favor and come downtown and browse the shops. You'll be glad you did.

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