Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet babies!

We have been blessed lately with some very sweet babies to photograph! First were the 3 month old twins, Colby and Ashlynn. My, how they've grown since their newborn sessions! Such sweet little babies. Mom and dad are clearly in love with their little ones. It was a joy to photograph them

Next up was the lovely Hand family. Niky and Jeremy brought in their new bundle of joy, Aylin Rose, for her first trip to the studio. What an active and alert 2 week old! I thought she was going to roll herself over. Then a proud Jeremy showed us a cell phone video of her doing just that!

We had a very eventful session, right Niky? LOL. But seriously, we had a lot of fun and even got Miss Aylin to cooperate for some sleeping baby images. What an angel!

If you have recently had a baby, you need to get in on our Baby Plan. It's a great way to preserve the memories of the first year, and comes at a very attractive price as well. The end result is a 10x30 matted and framed composite image from 4 sessions taken during your child's first year. This would normally cost $599 by itself, but if you invest in the Baby Plan, you pay only $299 up front, which includes the first session, and the 3 subsequent sessions are only $50 each (a savings of $25 per session). That's it. In all you save over %50 over the cost of the sessions and framed composite purchased individually.

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