Thursday, March 18, 2010

Storm's Aftermath

A couple years ago we experienced the "100 year flood" when we received 12 or 13" of rain one Mother's Day weekend. This past weekend was nearly a repeat performance. It rained most of last week and culminated with quite a windstorm (though thankfully less severe than the one we got a couple of weeks ago that cost 250k NHites their power.

As the studio is right next to the Nashua River, we saw how high the river got as a result of this storm. There are STILL places upstream where the river is over its banks and causing road flooding. I did grab a few pictures of this event.

The view upstream from the Main St Bridge next to the studio.

The Main St Bridge, upstream side, showing a tree lodged in the bridge, trapping all sorts of detritus.

The tree became a real concern and the city had it removed. It was quite a production.

The view of the top of the dam looking downstream.

Side view of the dam. The water is surging at the base of the dam.

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