Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting a jump on things

Well, the Class of 2010 may not yet be graduated, but by now the vast majority of the the senior portraits have long been done, given the early yearbook deadlines. We may get the occasional late bird or dissatisfied customer from somewhere else, but the senior market is very quiet this time of year. So I was a bit surprised to get a call from a mom inquiring into senior portraits for her daughter who is in the Class of '11.

Seems her daughter was getting braces put back on and wanted her yearbook picture to be braces-free. No problemo. Bring her down and have her bring clothes and things that are meaningful to her, and we'll have some fun and create some cool images. And we did.

Shoshana turned out to be a great subject- cute, brimming with personality, and just plain a delight to be around. We had a very successful session, and everyone has been pleased with the results, some of which I share here. This is the earliest of early-birds that we've ever had, and we are delighted to start off next year's senior season with such a great senior. Enjoy.

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