Monday, December 14, 2009

Announcing our Bonus Bucks Program

This is our ad which ran in the Hudson-Litchfield News.

Here's the skinny: any gift certificate you buy qualifies you for Studio Mark Emile Bonus Bucks at 25% of the value of your gift certificate. Bonus Bucks are studio credit which can be used up to March 31, 2010. So if you give someone a $100 gift certificate, you have $25 in studio credit you can use yourself (or give to someone else). There is no limit. So spend $1000, and get a $1000 gift certificate AND $250 of studio credit.

Portraiture is a great gift. Maybe you know a real estate agent or other professional that needs a new business card headshot. That's only $150, and you'd get $37.50 in bonus bucks for yourself.

This special offer is for a limited time only. Purchases must be made by Christmas Eve to qualify!

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