Monday, October 26, 2009

New Orleans

We are back from a series of speaking engagements for some of the professional photography guilds in southern Lousiana. We spoke to the guilds in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette. What a great tour!

We flew in a day early as we had never been to Louisiana. We can't wait to go back! It is so cool down there. We managed to spend 3 days and nights in the vieux carré, aka french quarter. It was AMAZING! So much history, it almost looks like a theme park, except it's real. So many textures, artists, examples of great architecture, and so much fun! For a photographer, it is a target rich environment. I could have spent the entire time shooting and still had reasons to go back.

Our hotel was located near Jackson Square, just a stone's throw from Cafe du Monde, where we sampled the beignets the first morning. We ate very well. Love that creole and cajun cooking!

We are looking at going back and bringing our youngest with us. Can't wait! Never been to a place that served all its alcohol in "to go" cups, and let you roam the streets with it. Lots of live music, too. What a fun place.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Masks are everywhere in New Orleans. These were in a wonderful shop that ONLY had masks. No "3 for $10" masks here. They were all handmade works of art.

There is a rich artist community around Jackson Square. So many painters and performance artists, displaying their wares or entertaining the crowds. It's great watching talented artists create in front of your eyes.
So much cool architecture, with such character. This is on the end of Decatur St.

Jackson Square- about 30 seconds walk from our hotel, La Place d'Armes.

They line up carriages by the dozen for rides and tours. This is right across from Cafe du Monde.

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