Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blast from the past

It's always fun when someone who doesn't know I'm doing photography comes in and realizes they know me from something else. Here is Courtney, who once upon a time played soccer and basketball on teams that I coached when my children were in the Rec Leagues. I thought the name sounded familiar when I fielded the call, and it was confirmed when she walked through the door. She's a lot taller now, but is still the same sweet girl she was when she was chasing the ball.

She already had her pictures done at the contract photographers, but mom didn't like them. Good call, mom! After enjoying the Studio Mark Emile senior portrait experience, Courtney ended up with plenty of choices she liked, and mom did too. This is the second Courtney I've coached that we've photographed this year. :) Life is good.

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