Saturday, June 13, 2009

Starting the senior season off right

We had our first regular senior of the season on Monday, and I am just catching up enough now to blog her. It's been nice and busy, with an assortment of different types of work, just how we like it.

Megan comes to us as our first official referral, from our spokesmodel Mary, the first of many, we hope. We want to see a spirited but friendly competition among our spokesmodels to see who can be the first to earn an iPod Nano.

Megan is doing both a studio session as well as an outdoor location session, and since the weather was nice on Monday we opted to take advantage of it and do the outdoor session first. We like to mix things up and shoot at different locations in and around Nashua, because we really want to make our sessions as individualized as possible, so you get different portraits from everyone else.

Here is a sampling of what we came up with.

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