Saturday, May 3, 2008

NHPPA Convention and Print Competition

Last weekend I attended the NHPPA annual conference in North Conway with photographers from nearly a dozen states. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, improve one's skills, and socialize with other photographers. The speakers are nationally known, inspirational, and incredibly talented, and you learn a lot at these things.

Aside from the programs, there is another really good reason to attend the conference, and that is print competition. Aside from the bragging rights one obtains by performing well in competition with one's peers, print competition is really useful for photographers because the skills one learns in preparing prints for competition are directly applicable in our day to day work. In short, competing helps make you a better photographer. A goal of print competition is to get blue ribbons. The signify a level of accomplishment that is merit-worthy. Here are my entries:
Rag Doll, blue ribbon

Asian Elegance, blue ribbon

Are You Checkin' Out My Butt?!!, red ribbon

Eye Wanna Rock, red ribbon

Girls Live Here, blue ribbon

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